Originally established as D J Mainwaring & sons Ltd in 1949 by David Mainwaring, Mainwaring's has continued to provide travel services across Britain and Europe.


DJ Mainwaring passed on the company to Ronald Mainwaring in 1977, who then passed on the continued operated of Mainwaring's travel to Mike Mainwairing who have both continued to evelove and make ongoing investment into Mainwaring's travel to provide a modern, premier and adaptable travel service.


Steeped in family history, Mainwaring's Travel understand and know our customers, as if they are part of our family. We look forward to looking after you on your journey which for our company, has always been the most enjoyable part.


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We continue to organise trips and provide travel services to destinations across Britain and Europe. To take advantage of our offers and book a place, please take a look at our Upcoming Trips & Travel Packages.

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